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We help our clients sleep better at night. Our clients understand they have a plan to protect their future prosperity from the market’s daily ups and downs.

PBMares Wealth Management exists for one simple purpose: to help you find the peace of mind and restful nights that come from having a customized plan that covers every aspect of your financial life.

We start by developing a personal relationship with you. The managers who help you build your wealth management plan take the time to get to know your values, your relationships and the financial goals you want to accomplish. That deep knowledge informs the specific recommendations we provide.

Once we understand where you want to go financially, we help you figure out the most effective way to get there. This is where the “science of investing” comes into play. At the heart of our approach is what decades of peer-reviewed financial research and evidence have shown to be the best way to build long-term wealth. By investing in low-cost, broadly diversified funds and financial instruments and taking only necessary risks that are necessary and appropriate, you are able to effectively capture the returns the markets provide.

At PBMares Wealth Management, we don’t believe in finding needles in haystacks.

We believe in owning haystacks.

Of course, investment management represents only a part of the picture. A sound investment strategy serves as a well-marked route to the prosperity you seek. We also help you understand all of the components that need to be included in your financial destination. With wide-ranging experience and expertise in helping individuals minimize income and estate taxes and maximize retirement income, our professionals help you stay on course throughout your journey. You will feel more confident throughout your financial journey knowing you can refer to the map that PBMares Wealth Management helps you design.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with the freedom to tune out and turn off the nonstop, 24/7 financial news roller coaster and focus instead on what’s most important to you — your family, your health, your career and the achievement of your highest aspirations.

We tie decisions about your investments to your needs and your life. What’s the piece that really matters to you?

View the video, then let’s talk.